Blinkx launches universal Remote for Internet TV catch-up services in the UK

As broadcasters continue to roll out their own Internet TV catch-up services, what’s required is an easy way for viewers to find and be alerted to the availability of their favourite TV shows wherever they may be offered online. Enter blinkx “Remote”, a new service from the company behind the video search engine of the same name, which offers UK viewers a single destination to browse, search and access online video content offered by all of the major TV channels including those from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Five.

“The online video landscape has changed dramatically over the past year – what was once the domain of short-form, user-generated material, has become the realm of premium television,” said Suranga Chandratillake, founder and CEO of blinkx in a written statement. “It’s a tremendous source of news and entertainment for consumers, but the content is spread across myriad sites belonging to national broadcasters and media giants.”

Built on top of the company’s existing video search technology, blinkx Remote claims to filter out video spam, illegal clips, and “inappropriate material, leaving audiences with a single place “to find only full length, legally available, episodes of their favourite TV programmes”. Additionally, users can sign up to receive email alerts when a new show becomes available or subscribe to updates via RSS.

Blinkx says a version of Remote for the U.S. market is upcoming.

Earlier this year blinkx launched its own Joost-like Internet TV application, BBTV, which, as with Remote, also leverages the company’s “award winning” search technology.


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  1. J Masters says:

    Blinkx remote is just amazing in fact its not just amazing its f***ing fantastic who knows
    what the next great product they will be bringing out.

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