Amid the App Store fanfare, Apple releases significant update for AppleTV

remoteWhile we’re waiting for MobileMe to become available for longer than five minutes, it’s worth noting among the App Store fanfare that Apple has also updated its AppleTV.

Early Thursday Apple released iTunes 7.7, making the App Store possible. It also provides support for a new iTunes remote app — appropriately named Remote — that allows any iPhone or iPod Touch to control iTunes media playback on a computer connected to the same local network.

In addition to iTunes 7.7, Apple also made available AppleTV 2.1 software; you can find it by checking software updates under the AppleTV settings panel.

The non-sexy part of the updated AppleTV software are security improvements, which Apple discusses here. The sexy enhancements are support for Remote and MobileMe — if it ever gets here.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog folks went the extra mile, as they say, and photographed the setup, including MobileMe. Among MobileMe’s features is the ability to upload photographs from the phone’s camera or a computer and have the galleries available on the iPhone and AppleTV, a nice cross-product, platform feature.

Once we get MobileMe, we’ll see how well the iPhone, AppleTV, and MobileMe integrates.

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    Apple claimed that they sold their one millionth iPhone 3G this Sunday. That is compared to 270,000 iPhones which sold in the first weekend last year.

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