Weekly wrapup, 16-20 June 2008 (Supernova edition)

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Supernova coverage

Last100’s Dan Langendorf reported from the Supernova conference in San Francisco this week.

@Supernova: Getting a glimpse of mobile’s future without the iPhone and Android

First up, Dan picked up on one theme in the Mobile space that is likely to become increasingly important: mobile sensors. He writes, “What’s coming is life profound. Put billions of sensors in cell phones – regardless of hardware, operating system, or carrier – and affect the way we understand traffic or the weather.”

@Supernova: Evidence developers are just as interested in Blackberry as they are iPhone, Android

Despite Apple’s iPhone and the upcoming Google-led Android platform grabbing all the hype, developer interest in RIM’s Blackberry was on show at Supernova, largely because of its established user base. “There used to be a saying that nobody was going to be fired for buying IBM, at least in software,” said Peter Nofelt, one of the developers of the zombie-themed, social game MobileDead. “It’s the same thing for the Blackberry”.

Seesmic to release bi-directional mobile client in four to six weeks

While in San Francisco, Dan caught up with Loic Le Meur, founder and CEO of Seesmic (think: Twitter for video) to talk about the future of the service. “Over the next four to six weeks, Le Meur said following the Supernova conference, Seesmic will release its own bi-directional client for the Nokia S60 phones including the N95. A hack for the iPhone 3G (jailbreaking it) will soon follow, as will a client for phones running Windows Mobile (and, it can be assumed, Android when they become available).”

Internet TV news

Joost in a browser is “weeks away”

A new version of Joost, the much hyped p2p Internet TV service from the founders of Skype, that will run in a Web browser is just weeks away, says CEO Mike Volpi in an interview with Silicon Alley Insider published this week.

Hulu update: Days of Summer, adding more viewers, Stewart and Colbert

Hulu, the increasingly popular online video venture brought to you by NBC and Fox, is fighting the dog days of summer with Hulu Days of Summer, introduced this week. From now until mid-August, Hulu will release a “premiere” program each weekday, hoping to entice viewers to drop by to see what’s new. In other Hulu news, the Nielsen Video Census, for May online video viewing, notes that Internet TV service continues to improve its numbers, while other online sites remain stagnant — and in another move to generate more viewers, Hulu has added the supremely popular “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”.

Motorola launches movie store for cellphones, but will anybody bite?

Amid all the iPhone 2.0 hype, we missed the news last week that Motorola has launched a full-length movie store for its mobile phones. Before you ask: “Who wants to watch a feature film on their tiny cellphone screen, anyway?” Here are a few of the details.

Other last100 coverage:

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    Janko Roettgers from newteevee.com wrote an interesting article about how To Promote Your TV Show on P2P Networks. Some of his recommendations are: Utilize file-sharing blogs, and go with the big guys (Pirate Bay, Isohunt and Mininova). The vision of Michael Iron, the founder of Streamsoft, is to make the Streamsoft player the new big guy in the p2p video Scene

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