"the PoD", the $99 Internet-to-TV set-top box

Another set-top box aiming to bridge the gap between the Internet and our televisions is due to hit the market later this summer — at a sweet price point of $99.

The work of startup Verismo Networks, “the PoD” (Apple legal department look away) will deliver a range of online video content to the living room TV, both through official partnerships — starting with YouTube, video search engine vTap, and BitTorrent — along with the box’s ability to support Windows DRM-based services such as Amazon UnBox and Cinema Now, without the need for a PC the company claims. The latter sounds a little too good to be true but we’ll hold our judgement until “the PoD” actually goes on sale.

Our friends over at NewTeeVee got a sneak preview of the tiny looking device at this week’s Under the Radar conference in Mountain View, Calif., and published a short demo and Q&A with Verismo Networks CEO Prakash Bhalerao. Full video after the jump…

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