Weekly wrapup, 31 December 2007 – 4 January 2008

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Top digital lifestyle news

The big news this week was Sony BMG’s decision to, in part, ditch DRM and start selling tracks on Amazon MP3 without copy-protection. That makes four out of four, with Sony BMG joining the other major labels: EMI, Universal Music and Warner (as predicted in our Digital Music 2007 year in review). In a follow up post, Daniel Langendorf asks where this leaves Apple’s iTunes Store?

On the Internet TV front, Netflix made a splash with its announcement of a partnership with LG to deliver movies over the Internet directly to a TV. We’ve long speculated that Netflix would get into the set-top box game, either through partnerships or by developing hardware of its own (see out Internet TV 2007 year in review).

In a pre-CES announcement, Archos unveiled its own set-top box. Offered in 80GB ($249) and 250GB ($349) versions, the Archos TV+ features TiVo-like DVR functionality, as well as WiFi and Ethernet connectivity to support access to the Internet for web browsing and downloading paid-for video content from CinemaNow. Additionally, the device can operate as a media extender of sorts, to stream content (movies, TV shows, photos and music) from a PC to the TV.

More digital lifestyle news:


In our main feature-post this week titled ‘Mobile: the Year of Wireless hasn’t arrived — yet‘, Dan Langendorf completed our ‘year in review’ series, taking a hard look at the changing face of the mobile industry (particularly in the U.S.), calling 2007 part of the transition years — with much bigger changes yet to come this year and realized in 2009.

That’s a wrap for the week. Happy New Year everyone!

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