MSN bets big on Live Earth

MSN bets big on Live EarthWhen Al Gore’s series of Live Earth concerts kick off tomorrow, all eyes (on the net at least) will be on MSN. In partnership with Control Room, Microsoft has secured the exclusive Internet streaming rights in 24 countries, and is predicted to pull in 500 million visitors to their dedicated Live Earth site.

Not only is MSN dishing out coverage to more countries than Live8, the last big multinational fund-raising concert, but technically this is also a far more ambitious affair. As well as picking from eight simultaneous streams from various concerts around the globe, visitors to the site will have the option to watch on-demand, as well as — once the event has concluded — search archives by location, artist and song performance.

AOL’s coverage of Live8 was applauded by critics, who accused the TV networks of taking too many commercial breaks and missing key performances.


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  2. Josh Catone says:

    I’m planning to tune in for a bit of it via television… I’ll probably check out the streaming coverage just to see how it is (from a technical stand point).

    I’m not really planning to watch all 24 hours though — or even close to that. But I’m sure I’ll check out a few bits and pieces when I have the time.

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