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Quick review: HTC Legend

I didn’t have as long with HTC’s Legend as I normally require for a full review – so I’m going to keep it short. To sum up the Legend: it takes everything we liked about its predecessor, the HTC Hero, and turns it up a notch.

As regular readers may remember, the HTC was the phone that restored my faith in Google’s Android, largely because of HTC’s Sense UI, which adds much needed polish to the out-of-the-box Android experience and other improvements, such as social networking integration, a better virtual keyboard and web browser.

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HTC Legend is my new Hero

The new HTC Legend

I’m a massive fan of HTC’s Hero smartphone, my favorite Android device to date. That is until this afternoon when I took loan of the HTC Legend, which is essentially a revamped Hero, uni-body-style aluminum casing included.

Doesn’t it look fitting next to a Macbook?

I’ve only played with device for about an hour and so far it’s definitely a little more responsive than the Hero and HTC’s updated Sense UI hasn’t lost any of its appeal. Just going through the setup process shows an eye to detail and focus on user experience that I’ve come to expect from HTC. As a result, it took only a few minutes to have Gmail, Google Calendar, Contacts, Twitter and Facebook synced and pulling in updates, all over-the-air — and I’m good to go.


Expect a full review in the next two weeks or jump in the comments if you have any questions in the mean time.