I emailed Steve Jobs and got a reply (or why I don't own an iPad)

The weekend before last I fired off an email to Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and to my surprise, I actually got a reply (OK, I wasn’t that surprised as Steve has been replying to a lot of emails lately). I then decided to run the story of his reply and my initial email over at TechCrunch Europe as it was a bit of a scoop and I knew it would generate a lot of discussion.

The issue I raised was that of the trend towards touch/gesture and how in general more physically demanding User Interfaces impact accessibility from a personal point-of-view. It wasn’t so much a complaint as my own homage to the desktop/GUI era that Steve and Apple helped usher-in, and how times-are-a-changing once again. Here’s an excerpt from the post:

It’s all the rage these days. You fire off an email to Apple’s Steve Jobs, the CEO of one of the world’s biggest and most secretive technology companies, and to your astonishment, the great man himself replies.

You then publish said email, sit back and watch as the tech press dissect each and every word.

It’s quite the media spectacle, especially when you factor in that Steve can’t (and doesn’t) reply to every email he receives. But when he does, the replies are usually sparse and occasionally cryptic.

Steve’s reply to my lengthy email was no different.

Head over to TechCrunch Europe to read more…

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