Samsung Blu-ray players to support YouTube and Blu-ray rips!

This is one of those press releases that made me chuckle. Samsung today announced that it has added support for YouTube, along with video formats that utilize the Matroska (MKV) container. While just about every media player — from set-top boxes to mobile phones — can access the Google-owned video sharing site these days, MKV support is less common and, perhaps, for a good reason too.

The open source format is fast becoming the standard for Blu-ray rips and, like DivX/Xvid before it, the main choice for sharing pirated movies via the Internet. Only in this case they are in full HD. That’s something that Samsung, understandably, doesn’t quite say.

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Instead, Robert Shaw, the company’s General Manager CTV & Home Platforms, offers quotes such as “we know our consumers want access to multi-platform content…” and that “adding MKV file support and YouTube to our range of Blu-ray players is the latest step… in providing an unparalleled home-cinema experience for our customers.”

Those who have already purchased a Samsung Blu-ray player can upgrade their device to the new YouTube and pirate-friendly edition via a fimware update from

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2 Responses to “Samsung Blu-ray players to support YouTube and Blu-ray rips!”

  1. jagacontest says:

    I can not find a link to this release. I have been wanting a samsung blu ray player for netflix streaming, this would be a great bonus 🙂

  2. Richard Head says:

    Yeah Samsung is enabling the MKV pirates. MKV may be less common to you because your a penis faced dildo. It happens to be on of the few fomats to support 5 channel sound. So it is good for backing up disks. Quit making a stink about it to get attention you boy lover.

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