Zatz Not Funny: Jailbreaking the iPhone 3.0 OS, Palm Pre review, SlingCatcher, and more

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Jailbreaking the iPhone 3.0 OS

Dave Zatz: In pre-announcing the iPhone 3.0 OS and providing preview software builds, Apple intended to give developers a leg up in producing/updating apps. Fortunately, it also gave the unsanctioned “iPhone Dev Team” enough time to get some of their jailbreak and unlocking apps ready fairly close to the official launch.

Pre Impressions from a Palm Fanboy [guest post]

Steve Lunceford: After picking up Palm’s new Pre smartphone on launch day roughly a week ago (and spending over six hours to do so), I thought it’d be fun to run through some early thoughts on the device given my long history with Sprint and Palm products. (I worked on Sprint’s PR team for nearly a decade, leaving in 2004.)

The SlingCatcher Fire Sale

Dave Zatz: Less than a year on the market, the SlingCatcher’s entrance fee has dropped more than 50% from retail launch pricing of $300 down to a rock bottom $130. I can only assume sales are horrible.

The XM Sirius iPhone app arrives (Do you care?)

Dave Zatz: Several months after crushing StarPlyr, XM Sirius has gotten around to launching their own streaming iPhone client.

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