Zatz Not Funny: TiVo, Flip MinoHD, CES Unveiled and more

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny (one of my all time favorite blogs)…

Flip goes HD, adds FlipShare software

Mari Silbey: Pure Digital unveiled its anticipated Flip MinoHD today packaged with new FlipShare software for editing and sharing… One of the issues with the Flip camcorders to date has been keeping a sharp focus for close-up shots. According to a Flip spokesperson, the MinoHD doesn’t necessary solve that problem, with the minimum focus range staying at 80 cm. However, it’s likely not a significant concern for casual users, particularly with the new HD resolution.

(Ed. I looked at purchasing a Flip but after reading multiple reviews I’ve plunged for the more expensive Sanyo HD800 – review coming soon).

Dave dumps XM (again)

Dave Zatz: See ya, XM. I was on the fence and you pushed. Our time together has been mostly positive, but the massive lineup modifications yesterday without any advance notification isn’t the proper way to treat your customers. So I’m walking.

The phones of CES Unveiled

Dave Zatz: Though CES Unveiled was a modest 3 hour event, both Samsung and Motorola were promoting their latest wares… While visiting Sling’s table, I also spent some time with their still-under-development Blackberry client. The Slingbox software’s currently in private beta, but is looking good – especially on the gorgeous Bold screen.

The CES Unveiled Proofs of Concept

Dave Zatz: I ran across two very interesting and diminutive products at CES Unveiled earlier this week — Micro “personal” projectors and “thin client” computers. While the technology is compelling, I suspect the implementation will have to improve and the challenge these products solve will have to be clarified before we’d see any sort of mainstream or mass market adoption. Generating positive attention and finding commercial success are two entirely different matters.

Unboxing Nero Liquid TV TiVo

Dave Zatz: Announced about a year ago, the Nero+TiVo collaboration has finally borne fruit. Here in North America. Interesting, as this was originally positioned as a means of international TiVo expansion.

Obama brings YouTube to the White House

Mari Silbey: Obama appears to be planning a weekly video address to be distributed on the White House’s own YouTube Channel. During the campaigns both political parties used online video extensively, but we’ve had no real indications until now of how much the government-based “new media” rage would continue post election.

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