Video: ZeeVee's ZvBox (PC to TV)

Video: ZeeVee's ZvBox (PC to TV)While attending the CONNECTIONS 2008 expo, the good people over at eHomeUpgrade recorded a video demo of ZeeVee’s recently announced PC to TV solution, the ZvBox. In our previous coverage we described the device as “an interesting way of getting Internet TV, or other content originating from a computer, to be displayed on any number of HDTV’s around the home.”

To achieve this, the device first connects to a PC using its VGA port (combined with USB for digital sound) and at the other end plugs into a home’s regular cable wiring, effectively turning whatever is displayed on the PC into a local high-definition TV channel. That way any HDTV in the house can access the “Zv” channel using its existing in-built digital tuner.

In terms of what’s transmitted from the PC, users are given the choice of two User Interfaces. They can either browse and view content in regular PC mode, mirroring exactly what they would normally see on the computer’s screen, or alternatively, the ZvBox offers a “widescreen guide” called Zviewer, which is optimized for a “10-foot” viewing experience and provides navigation and shortcuts to online video sites such as Hulu, along with locally stored content.

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  1. Dave Zatz says:

    At $500, they will fail.

  2. Steve O'Hear, editor says:

    Agreed. Maybe they need to sell their technology to a cable company.

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