Sony's PS3 game console to become set-top box for Korea Telecom

ktKorea Telecom is launching the first internet-based TV service that runs on Sony’s Playstation 3 game console.

KT, South Korea’s dominant telecom operator, will launch the service in November. The PS3 console will be the set-top box for KT’s Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) service named Mega TV, which launched in June as an HD-capable update to KT’s standard definition-only Megapass Internet TV service.

Neither Sony Computer Entertainment Korea (SCEK) nor KT said how much PS3 owners will have to pay for Mega TV. It is believed that PS3 owners will be able to join Mega TV through a download directly to the game console-turned set-top box.

sony ps3The Playstation 3 is a powerful computer that’s equipped with large data storage, fast graphics, and a Blu-Ray disc player, but it has been struggling in the U.S. and Japanese markets to Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s Wii.

Sony is slowing trying to morph the PS3 into a set-top box, in addition to its duties as a game console. In August details began to emerge how Sony is turning the PS3 into a super duper home entertainment device, which it plans to introduce in Europe in 2008. (last100 coverage)

Expect Sony to continue pushing the PS3 as a powerful home entertainment device, not just a game console.

“With this partnership, Mega TV will include high-definition games and Blu-Ray media,” said Lee Young-hee, chief of the MediaCenter at KT. “We will seek more cooperation with SCEK to create synergy.” (Korea Times)

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