Assemble your highlight reel on Veoh's NCAA Football channel

veohHighlights of hard hits, game-winning plays, and bloopers are always popular on the evening’s sports cast, but they’re assembled by production crews at TV stations and networks. You’re left sitting on the couch, remote control in hand.

Now thanks to a partnership between Veoh, the NCAA, and Collegiate Images LLC, you can assemble your own highlight reels of the week’s football games and share them with friends and fans across the US. You can even embed highlights in MySpace and Facebook profiles and on your Website or blog.

vVeoh, an Internet “television” company that delivers broadcast-quality video programming via the Web, launched the NCAA Football channel, which features the exclusive “NCAA Football Custom Highlights” sportscasting application that allows fans to create and share their own highlight reels. Veoh boasts more than 14 million users.

“By making it easy to watch, customize, and share the best of NCAA Football online, Veoh allows fans everywhere to engage with college football teams and players like never before,” said Dmitry Shapiro, founder and chief innovation officer of Veoh Networks.

David Bertram, executive director for NCAA football, said, “Because college football video clips are scattered about the Web, Veoh has innovativtely created a centralized and deep NCAA Football experience for college football fans online.”

The one-stop shop for NCAA football highlights is a nice draw, even if all you want to do is view highlights and not build reels to share with friends and fans. Click on Build A Reel (lower right of interface) and you are presented with category choices: conferences, teams, plays, players, and schedules.

Veoh updates the clips twice a week, so you can view highlights and build reels before or after games. The best way to see what clips are available is simply browse the channel and poke around.

v2Select a team — say Alabama — and a choice of plays is presented: pass, rush, sack. Immediately clips are added to a timeline above the choices. Select the type of play, and only those clips are presented. When you’re finished, click Preview to watch the highlights you’ve assembled or Save to share the reel with friends and fans.

Veoh presents some of the top highlight reels along the right side of the browser, if you care to see what others have assembled — hard hits, SEC highlights, or the best plays of one of the NCAA’s leading receivers, DeSean Jackson.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that all teams or players are listed — even so, there are a bunch — and you cannot edit clips or assemble mashups.

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