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With iPhone support on the way, I'm getting a SlingBox

No more hesitation, I’m getting a SlingBox. That’s New Year’s resolution number one, especially now that we know that support for Sling Media’s ‘place shifting’ device will be coming to Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch within the next three months.

As Dave Zatz reminds us, it’s been a long time coming after the company demoed a proof-of-concept version of SlingPlayer running on a jailbroken iPhone last summer. Pricing for the app is yet to be confirmed, although it’s likely to cost less than existing mobile clients for Windows Mobile or Symbian if its to compete with the majority of apps available from the iPhone’s App Store. Whether or not the app will support 3G or be limited to WiFi also isn’t yet known.

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For readers who aren’t familiar with the SlingBox, it enables you to stream (or ‘sling’) content from your TV signal (cable box, digital tuner or PVR) over a home network or the Internet for remote viewing on a PC, mobile phone or the company’s own SlingCatcher set-top box.