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It's alive! TechCrunch's Internet tablet still has a pulse

crunchpadb5TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington’s Internet tablet project is alive and well it seems, after photographs of the latest “CrunchPad” prototype were published online.

In a blog post, Arrington says that the images were mistakingly leaked, although this is being questioned by many in the tech blogosphere, which has predictably worked itself into a frenzy. Whether or not the leak was intentional only Arrington knows, although comments attributed to him over at CrunchGear – a TechCrunch property – claim that the incident has “completely screwed” project partner Fusion Garage who’ve been instrumental in designing the latest prototype. This, along with photos depicting a very finished looking product, including what looks like retail packaging, suggest that the “CrunchPad” could be closer to market than Arrington is letting on.

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Mike Arrington's CrunchPad web tablet reaches prototype but should it go into production?

Six months on from TechCrunch editor Mike Arrington’s stated mission to create a “dead simple and dirt cheap touch screen web tablet to surf the web” and the first fully working prototype has been unveiled.

The device, which is now being called the ‘CrunchPad’, sports a 12 inch resistive 4:3 touchscreen, Via processor and 4GB of storage, virtual on-screen keyboard and is powered by a version of Linux and a custom WebKit browser. It’s primary use is for surfing the web, perhaps while watching TV “so you can look up stuff on Wikipedia or IMDB as you channel surf”, writes Arrington. Or as another means to consume online video (“on Hulu or Joost or wherever”) and other content, as well as check email or access other web services such as Google Docs.

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In other words, just like existing Netbooks, the CrunchPad is designed for the Cloud, in which our data and applications increasingly reside on remote servers, accessible through a standard web browser.

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