Moore's "Slacker Uprising" to forgo theaters and debut exclusively on Web

“Slacker Uprising,” filmmaker Michael Moore’s latest documentary, will debut exclusively on the Internet for free.

The documentary documents the controversial Moore as he treks through 62 cities during the 2004 U.S. presidential election to rally young voters (trailer). It will be available for download from Blip.TV for three weeks beginning Sept. 23.

A DVD of the film will be released Oct. 7 through and Netflix.

“Slacker Uprising” bypasses traditional theatrical release. In fact, Moore’s people say no consideration was given to releasing the 97-minute film in the theaters, which is unusual considering his last two films — “Sicko” and “Fahrenheit 9/11” — are two of the three highest grossing documentaries of all time.

“This is being done entirely as a gift to my fans,” Moore said in a statement. “The only return any of us are hoping for is the largest turnout of young voters ever at the polls in November. I think ‘Slacker Uprising’ will inspire million (sic) to get off the couch and give voting a chance.”

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3 Responses to “Moore's "Slacker Uprising" to forgo theaters and debut exclusively on Web”

  1. selin kare says:

    Michael Moore is a good man, i like him 🙂

  2. Vadim says:

    Moore brings up some good points but he also needs to address the biggest reason for low voter turnout in this country: work obligations. Millions of Americans can’t make it to the polls because they work one or two jobs on Tuesdays. If we really want to get more people out to vote I suggest we make Election Day a national holiday first:

  3. David Mackey says:

    What is the third highest grossing documentary?

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