Nokia hopeful of signing up all four major labels for all-you-can-eat music offering

Having already secured Universal Music’s support, Nokia is hopeful that the three remaining major labels – Sony BMG, EMI and Warner, along with around ten independents – will also sign on in time for the launch of its all-you-can-eat music download service.

Announced last December at the annual Nokia World conference, “Comes With Music” will enable customers to buy a Nokia device with a year of unlimited access to “millions of tracks”, and – rather surprisingly – get to keep any downloaded tracks once the twelve month subscription period ends. The only way to then continue accessing the service, however, is to purchase a new “Comes With Music” device (see our follow-up report).

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s executive vice-president responsible for marketing, told the Financial Times that he was hopeful that by the time of launch, other labels, aside from Universal, will be on board. “We have negotiations and discussions ongoing with all the majors and a number of indies as well.”

Securing the other three major labels’ support will be essential to Nokia if “Comes With Music” is to be given a fair chance of success. And while it’s unsurprising that Universal was the first to sign on, having touted a similar proposition known as Total Music, the music giant will also be desperate for its rivals’ co-operation in order to prove the viability of such a model.

If not Nokia then perhaps Apple? The iPod maker is also rumored to be considering an all-you-can-eat offering similar to “Comes With Music”.

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