Hulu to replay 2008 Super Bowl commercials immediately following game

super bowl 2008 adThe big game is this weekend in the States. New England vs. New York. But there’s another game being played at the same time that, to some, is more interesting than football.

It’s the commercials shown during the game. And, just in case you forget to set your digital video recorder, or you want to go back and watch the best and worst spots immediately after the game, you can do so using Hulu.

The Internet video site will show all the Super Bowl XLII commercials on its blog immediately after the game. Though Hulu is still in private beta, you won’t need an account to watch the commercials at the blog.

godaddy adSuper Bowl commercials, which run up to $3 million per 30-second spot, are traditionally just as entertaining as the game, and sometimes more so when it’s a blowout. Some of the best TV ads of all time — think Ridley Scott’s 1984 ad for Apple — have been shown during the Super Bowl, as well as some of the sleeziest — think GoDaddy’s “Proceedings” “starring” the busty Nikki Cappelli.

Wired reminds us that TiVo noticed that the biggest moments in the 2007 game had little to do with football, as the most popular spots “TiVo’d” were the commercials.

“Once again, the commercials were the big winner, with the top spots drawing more viewership than any of the action on the field,” Todd Juenger, TiVo’s vice president and general manager of audience research and measurement, told Wired.

“People look forward to the commercials,” Gary Stibel, who heads the New England Consulting Group, told The Washington Post. “They actually will go to the restroom during the game so they can get back for the advertising.”

With Hulu replaying the commercials immediately after the game, fans don’t have to make such a tough choice: Do I go now, or wait for the commercial?

Photo credit: Screenshot of Victoria Secret ad scheduled to run during the 2008 Super Bowl, supplied by Limited Brands.

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    You might enjoy this audio interview with Bob Horowitz, producer of “Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials 2008”: . (He is also the producer of “The Singing Bee” with Joey Fatone.)

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