WorkSnug – an iPhone app to help remote workers combat cabin fever

I work from home a lot. And I mean, a lot.

It’s both a privilege – I get to enjoy an extra hour in bed and avoid a lengthy commute – and a pain. Just ask any remote worker and they’ll tell you that sooner or later cabin fever sets in.

That’s why it’s great to be able to up root and take yourself and your laptop someplace else to work other than home. You know, a coffee shop, a public or co-working space or anywhere with a free table, coffee and WiFi.

And guess what? There’s an iPhone app to help with that too. It’s called WorkSnug.

From my TechCrunch Europe post:

The augmented reality-based app connects mobile workers to potential working spaces – coffee shops, libraries, formal co-working spaces and Wi-Fi hotspots etc. – and provides ratings on Internet connectivity, “community feel”, power sockets, and, crucially, the quality of coffee. With the app installed, simply hold up the iPhone to view the surrounding area and, bingo, information pops up with working spaces nearby. It’s pretty neat.

The app is free and is available from the iPhone App Store. I just hope that the company ports it over to Android or, better still, Symbian so that I can run it on my trusty Nokia E72.


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  1. Duncan Leung says:

    Handy application! I hope it ports over to Android too- though; I guess I don't have too much freedom to actually work from home (I wish I had the option though- braving the rush hour and traffic in Beijing pretty much wears me out before I even get to work!)

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