NewTeeVee Live: Understand TV Everywhere with speakers from Comcast, Adobe, Nielsen, MTV and more (last100 readers get a 10% discount!)

last100 is proud to be a media sponsor of this year’s NewTeeVee Live conference. Better still, readers qualify for a 10% discount on tickets to the event. Full details of how to get your discount and news of this year’s lineup below…

TV Everywhere is the one of the most important initiatives to date in the TV Industry. Understand what it is and what it’s impacts are at NewTeeVee Live.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet and learn from the leaders in television. Your exclusive last100 10% discount on this year’s conference is available now!

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NewTeeVee Live 09

Nov. 12, 2009

San Francisco, CA

Mission Bay Conference Center

The mammoth television industry is moving online at a breakneck pace and disrupting linked industries such as consoles and TV platforms. This is the year of “TV Everywhere” and you need to know what it is, what it can do for you and who is behind it. The NewTeeVee Live 09 conference will talk to the leaders behind the changes and bring insights to the audience. NewTeeVee will take place at the Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco on November the 12th 2009. Join us.

Attend this year and learn about:

What is TV Everywhere, and what is it’s major impacts?
Is advertising the model that will continue to provide revenue?
Is existing copyright law at odds with the needs of online video?
Will single sign-on identities create or hinder the boom? Will the winning system have an unfair advantage over others?
Are independent artists better able to exploit the new distribution mechanisms over their traditional counterparts?
Will users find value in generated content, or will they pay for “high production value” content?
Does the new platform being created at the intersection of TV hardware and online connectivity represent an opportunity or a hurdle?
What are the missing gaps in the market that need to be filled before we proceed?
Who are the faces behind the reinvention? What are they planning next?
What does the person behind the most popular video viewer on the planet have to say?

NewTeeVee Live, in its third successful year, is designed to answer the biggest questions you have about the future of television. NewTeeVee has assembled some of the biggest industry movers and shakers to come and speak.

There has never been a better time to engage with the figures behind the industry change:

  • Amy L. Banse – President, Interactive Media & SVP, Comcast
  • Kevin Lynch – CTO, Adobe Systems
  • Marc Whitten – GM of Xbox LIVE, Microsoft
  • Brian Fuhrer – SVP, Program Leader, TV/Internet Integration, Nielsen
  • Erik Flannigan – EVP of Digital Media, MTVN Entertainment Group
  • Antonio Rallo – Vice President Technology Strategy, Grupo Televisa S.A.
  • Randi Zuckerberg – Marketing, Facebook
  • Hunter Walk – Director of product for YouTube, Google
  • Anthony Wood – Founder and CEO, Roku, Inc.
  • Matthew McRae – VP and GM Advanced Technology Products, VIZIO, Inc.
  • Bill Gurley – General Partner, Benchmark
  • Avner Ronen – CEO and Co-Founder, boxee
  • Michael Gregory – Creator, “Auto-Tune the News”, Gregory Residence Records
  • Brent Friedman – President, Electric Farm Entertainment
  • Bismarck Lepe – Co-founder and President of Product Strategy, Ooyala
  • Chris Hollenbeck – Managing Director, Granite Ventures
  • Doug Knopper – Co-Founder/Co-CEO, FreeWheel
  • Sam Blackman – CEO, Elemental Technologies
  • Matt Smith – Senior Director, Systems Architecture, Inlet Technologies

Hear them speak and then engage with them in the hallways of NewTeeVee Live 09.

500+ industry executives will explore the future of the planet’s favorite media: television. Join them on November 12th in San Francisco.

Full details can be found on the website at

To hear more about our speaker additions as they happen, follow us on Twitter @newteeveelive

Standard tickets cost $595, but we’re offering a Super Saver rate of $355.

Register now with your special discount at:

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