Zatz Not Funny: AT&T Wireless bans SlingBoxes, TiVo ad spam, The Cable Show, and more

A periodic roundup of relevant news from our friends at Zatz Not Funny


TiVo’s pause menu spam hits S3/HD units

Dave Zatz: TiVo’s newest form of advertising, which debuted a few months back on Series 2 units, has now begun to encroach on the Series 3/TiVoHD platform.

AT&T Wireless bans Slingboxes

Dave Zatz: AT&T Wireless has pretty explicitly dropped the hammer on Slingbox owners, amongst others, via their revised terms of service.

Cable and wireless

Mari Silbey: Even though most of the wireless action is out at CTIA this week, there is a presence at The Cable Show as well.

EchoStar at The Cable Show

Dave Zatz: Back at CES, EchoStar came clean with their Sling Media acquisition intentions in announcing the “SlingLoaded” platform – part DVR, part Slingbox.

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