Watching full-length TV programs on Internet increasingly popular

abc ugly bettyWatching a favorite show you missed on television on the Internet is increasingly popular, two recent studies show.

Horowitz Associates found that 16 percent of high-speed Internet users watched at least one full-length TV program online during a week, double the number from last year. Horowitz just released its report: Broadband Content and Services 2007. (Online Media Daily account.)

The Nielsen Company found that 25 percent of the 1,599 Americans surveyed in October have watched full episodes of a TV program in the past three months. (New York Times.)

Both studies point to the increasing popularity of full-length streaming video on the Internet.

abc start hereThe Nielsen study notes that (50 percent), (41), (37), and (24) were the most watched, with other Internet-based alternatives YouTube (17) and iTunes (15) used less often.

Horowitz notes that television is still the preferred delivery platform, with 70 percent of Internet users saying they watch TV online because they missed an episode on television. Some watch a show on TV, then watched it again on the Internet. Others watched a program because someone recommended it.

As NewTeeVee wrote today, the increase in watching full TV shows online bodes well for the networks’ streaming strategies and for Hulu, a joint venture between NBC and News Corp. (Fox).

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6 Responses to “Watching full-length TV programs on Internet increasingly popular”

  1. David Mackey says:

    I don’t get regular TV reception at my home, nor did I at the apartment previously – nor for that matter in the college dorms, or growing up at my home. We’ve never had cable, so its always been DVDs/VHS, and for the last several years – internet based television.

  2. Matt D. says:

    I love TV on the internet. I just started watching House on a few weeks ago, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go out of my way again to watch a show on TV if I know I can watch the same episode on the internet a few days later. I find the best part of having shows on the internet is the lack of commercials. I’ve only seen shows on, but they play one 20 second commercial where every commercial break should be. That leads to a one hour show being compacted to 45 minutes. Just perfect for ADD people like me.

  3. Daniel Langendorf says:

    @ David Mackey and @Matt D

    David, there was a time when all I did was watch TV (or DVDs) via the computer, or an iPod. I spend so much time in front of the computer that when I watch TV I don’t want to do it on the computer. An iPhone/Touch is acceptable. Heck, I watched the entire 5 seasons of Alias on the first iPod video because I wanted to get away from the computer. So I try to keep that from coloring how I feel about watching TV on the Internet/computer. My wife watches shows on her PC all the time.

    Matt, I agree about the lack of commercials. That’s why I pay iTunes money for some, but not all, the shows I watch. It’s great to watch 43 minutes and be done with it. Ripping my own DVDs to watch takes time but accomplishes the same thing.

  4. power_switch says:

    i watch most all of my TV online primarily because i just cant get my ducks in a row enough to remember what day of the week it is… being able to watch stuff when i want to as opposed to when it is on is much better for me!

  5. B R Evans says:

    I like the old programs much better than the trash that is on today. My favorite site is I have been watching the old series, “Have Gun, Will Travel” with Richard Boone.
    The general morality of this series would not make it on TV today, especially one I just watched with a Christmas theme.

  6. bestcbstore says:

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