Nokia acknowledges Mac users (at last)

Nokia Mac file browserAfter years of treating Apple users as second class citizens, Nokia has released a Beta version of Nokia Media Transfer for Mac, which enables its N-series mobile phones to transfer music, photos and other files to and from a Mac.

After installing the software, a new menu bar item appears on your Mac which enables you to add a compatible device (connected via Bluetooth or USB) and open Nokia’s Device Browser, an application that resembles the Mac’s own Finder and allows you to browse and access any files on your phone.

However, the best part of Nokia Media Transfer is its integration with iTunes and iPhoto. If an N-series phone is connected it shows up in both applications’ sidebar where playlists and albums, respectively, can be dragged onto the device’s folder icon ready for transfer. Working from the other end, any photos taken on your phone can be downloaded to iPhoto just as they would be with any digital camera.

Nokia Media Transfer for Mac iPhoto


The Nokia Media Transfer works as advertised and has enough iTunes and iPhoto integration to feel like a proper Mac application. The only downside is that currently it only works with N-series phones even though E-series devices share the same OS (though savvy users are already finding ways to work around this).

Other than that the question has to be asked: What took Nokia so long? And why now?

Did somebody say iPhone? 😉

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5 Responses to “Nokia acknowledges Mac users (at last)”

  1. Giovani says:

    this is very good, I am thinking on buying the N95 or the IPhone

  2. That’s what I needed! A Nokia ‘transfer tool’ for Mac!

    Would be great to extend it also to other series in addition to the N one. Will you keep posting about it? I hope so!


    P.S. Very nice blog!

  3. liperan says:

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  4. sidebar di mana daftar putar dan album, masing-masing, dapat diseret ke ikon folder perangkat slot pulsa yang siap untuk ditransfer

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