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RWW Live: Mobile App Development – phones getting smarter, pipes getting dumber

After a month-long hiatus, I made a return appearance on ReadWriteTalk’s fortnightly podcast RWW Live hosted by Sean Ammirati. In this latest episode we focused on mobile app development and platforms, and joining regular contributors Richard MacManus and Marshall Kirkpatrick (ReadWriteWeb), along with Sean and myself, were special guests Loke Uei Tan, Tech Product Manager from Windows Mobile, Tom Conrad, CTO of Pandora, and Ben Strackany from mobile development company DevelopmentNow.

What ensued was a lively conversation about the challenge of building mobile apps based on the number of  different devices and platforms, and that’s before you factor in the carriers. From a technical point of view, a lack of a standard platform poses a real challenge, not dissimilar to the early days of developing for the web, or as one of our guests suggested, writing software for the Mac back in 1984!

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