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We've been featured on "The Phones Show"

Steve Litchfield’s The Phones Show (previously “The Smartphones Show”) is a must-see video podcast for anybody interested in the rapidly evolving mobile phone space. And so it’s with great honor that my two recent video demos of T-Mobile’s Android-powered G1 have made it into shows 71 and 72.

For those of you who don’t already know, Litchfield, who is also Contributing Editor for All About Symbian, is one of the most respected authorities on smartphones and has, in particular, been following developments in the Symbian OS since its early Psion days. In other words, he was there before smartphones became fashionable. On that note, Litchfield also writes regularly about Apple’s iPhone over at All About iPhone.

I’ve embedded the two latest episodes of The Phones Show below (you can subscribe to the show here)…

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