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The AP forms Mobile News Network, bringing 100+ newspapers and local news to iPhone

ap logoThe idea for newspapers delivered to mobile devices goes back many years, long before the iPhone. Unfortunately, cell phones were designed more for fashion than information, and the newspaper industry had its head in the sand when it came to innovative new ways to deliver news other than print in the Age of the Internet.

Sadly, not much happened and what did was a horrible user experience.

So it’s great to see that The Associated Press, the top news service in the U.S., has teamed with 100 member newspapers to formally launch the Mobile News Network ( Finally, it feels like newspaper news is being delivered to your cell phone, wherever you are, and without the messy ink on your fingers.

The Mobile News Network, announced in April with just 18 participating newspapers, is intended to run on the iPhone but will also work on other mobile phones. What differentiates it from similar services offered by Google and Yahoo is access to local news.

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